The 25th Princeton Japanese Pedagogy Forum

Saturday, May 11, 2019 - Sunday, May 12, 2019

Princeton University






Toward Inclusive Language Education: Rethinking the Diversity of Modern Day Society 

Inclusive education is said to be the realization of the co-existence of diverse people in society. Based on this notion, a larger question exists on how such diverse people can reach the point of mutual understanding and acceptance of each other. In this Forum we would like to provide a platform to discuss the relationship between language education and diversity, which includes issues of disability as well as different learning styles. Additionally, the overall make up of today’s society brings into discussion varying topics such as diverse as gender, race, socioeconomic class, sexual orientation, generational gaps, technology literacy and the line between native and non-native linguistic fluency. We would also like to think about a more fundamental question: what kind of social-cultural situation is considered to be diverse? How can we draw a distinction between disability and ability; minority and majority? What is the distinction between multiple languages and cultures when today’s society inherently mixes them on a daily basis?

In order to have a constructive discussion on the theme, we are inviting the following scholars to serve as keynote speakers at the annual Forum in May:  Dr. Emi Otsuji (University of Technology, Sydney), Professor Marcella Mariotti (Ca’Foscari University of Venice), and Professor Seiichi Makino (Princeton University).

The Forum calls for presentations on this theme as well as any topic related to language education such as linguistics, heritage language education, or language acquisition.

The proposal deadline is January 10, 2019.