Princeton Japanese Pedagogy Forum

The 29th Princeton Japanese Pedagogy Forum

Saturday, May 6, 2023

Princeton University








Introspection and Language Education

What Can We Gain from Introspection?


Introspection can be defined as “the examination or observation of one's own mental and emotional processes” and it is thought to be necessary when we learn or teach, or live in a society, but why is it so? Why is it necessary to be introspective? What is the focus of our introspection? What can we gain by being introspective about our own educational (research) practice? What about learners’ introspection about their own learning practice? What can’t we obtain through introspection? What are the limits of introspection?

In order to have a constructive discussion on the theme, we will invite Ms. Minako Okumura (NPO法人YYJ・ゆるくてやさしい日本語のなかまたち) to serve as a keynote speaker at the annual Princeton Japanese Pedagogy Forum in May 2023. Professor Seiichi Makino (Princeton University) will also give a keynote speech.

The Forum calls for presentations on this theme as well as any topic related to language education such as linguistics, language acquisition, or technology and language education. The proposal deadline is January 15, 2023.